DIY Wire Grid Storage Cubes by – KOUSI


These highly comfortable Storage Cubes are characterized by three essential features: They are Multi-Functional, Capacious and Super Mobile. As a result, I put these Wire Grid Storage Cubes in my list of ‘TOP 5 WORTHY BESTSELLERS’. 

Let’s describe the features step by step and explore all main advantages and disadvantages of such wire grid boxes:

1. Multi-Functionality

You can use these wire grid modular metal cubbies as origami shelving units like bookshelves, bookcases, office closets, and wardrobe or storage organizers.

Buyers successfully utilize these in attics, storerooms, kitchens, living rooms, sitting rooms, bathrooms, studies, laundry rooms and even in bedrooms, especially great for dorms or children’s rooms as well.

After assembly, this portable modular storage rack is giving you multiple stacking options. Individual panels are perfect as pet playpen, wall décor or any other things. It depends on your taste and creativity.

2. Capacity

Each wire grid cube in this seller’s stock holds up to 44lbs (19-20 kilograms). While some other similar cubes support only 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms) per cube but cost almost the same.

The high-quality construction and sturdy design ensure the reliability within the indicated bearing capacities.

3. Mobility

One of the most significant advantages of these Wire Grid Storage Cubes is their Freedom in Design Change.

You have a multiple choice between the packs of 8, 12, 16, 20 or 25 cubes. You should select the number of cubes in the package according to your needs and tastes.

Then you can call the fantasy and assemble it in any shape you like. These interlocking cubbies give you several stacking options. And the assembly process is tool-free and straightforward.

Other Important Characteristics You Should Take into Consideration Before Purchase:

Sometimes we pay attention only to the price and quality of the desired product. But we may forget some other details that are of the same or even higher importance:


By all means, pay attention to free space in the room where you have planned its utilization. After you make sure that you definitely and very much need these, measure the dimensions. But mostly they create no problems thanks to their DIY function.

The size of each cube is about 14*14*14. So if you’re going to place two cubes side by side on the width, you will need 28 inches (about 72 centimeters) of length. Height also depends on the amount of ‘cube-floors’: plus 14 inches per floor.

Corrosion Resistance

This feature is essential if you’re going to utilize these Wire Grid Storage Cubes outside or in damp rooms like laundry, kitchen or bath.

These cubes may not be corrosion resistant as I could not find this feature in the description. Accordingly, I advise you to use them only in dry or well-drained rooms.


The Wire Grid Storage Cubes by KOUSI are not heavy-duty racks at all. But you can freely place a plethora of items on them under 44 lbs.

The cubes are perfect to hold books, folded fabrics, clothes, art supplies, shoes, toys or pantry items.


KOUSI Wire Grid Storage Cubes satisfy all storage needs. They can transform your home or office into a more functional space and makes life easier.

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