Expandable Wire Closet Organizer System by – Seville Classic


These expandable wire closet organizers provide exceptional strength and versatility. Accordingly, they are extremely suitable for bedrooms, wardrobe rooms, and children rooms.

They are not only nice-looking but reliable as well, thanks to their durable steel-wire construction. These closet organizers are really Capacious, Flexible, and Multi-Functional. Also, they are incredibly easy-to-assemble because of their simple screw-together assembly model. According to all these advantages, these Expandable Wire Closets took 3rd position in my ‘TOP 5 WORTHY BESTSELLERS’.

I’ve utilized one in my bedroom, and its ultra-modern design impressed my friends. But in addition to the excellent look, its capacities and convenience are the most significant benefits. All these features make the wire shelving unit predominant among other similar units.

Let’s explore all main advantages and disadvantages of such Expandable Closet Systems and describe them step by step:

Capacious, Mobile, and Flexible:

The two towers of these expandable wire closets ensure their super mobility and flexibility. The towers are connected by two telescoping extendable hanging rods. As a result, you can adjust the rods (and consequently distance between its towers) at 1″ increments. Total width is expandable from 58″ to 83″ (from 1.47 meters to 2.1 meters). Each hanging rod holds up to 50lbs (about 22 kilograms) when it is extended, but 125 lbs (about 56 kilograms) when not extended.

Each 14″x14″ shelf is fitted with a plastic liner which prevents small items from falling through and holding capacity reaches up to 100 lbs (45 centimeters) per shelf.

Top shelves of this shelving unit are larger (14″x28″) than the others, and they provide additional space for storing less heavy items like purses, decorative pillows, hats, etc.

The adjustable-height shelves allow you to create storage space that better suits your needs and requirements. All four regular size shelves included in each tower are adjustable at 1-inch increments.


These beautiful Expandable Wire Closet Organizer Systems are adjustable to fit any closets or rooms. Very often they are utilized in bedrooms, children’s rooms, sitting/living rooms and even in halls, but they are also especially useful in offices.

You can also use them in your walk-in closets or any rooms and studios without a closet to create extra storage space. These roomy and multi-functional expandable wire closets are perfect for a neat arrangement of clothing, shoes, accessories, and more.

Hanging rods are great to hang dresses, suits, trousers, jackets, or even coats on them. Also, you can iron several shirts in advance and put them on these rods with hangers. The hangers will easily keep them look ironed.


These Expandable Wire Closet Organizers can be the best solution when you live in a studio or any small spaces without a closet.

In my case, the main goal was to add some storage space to my little bedroom without significant expenses. The functionality of the system impressed me at once. But for me, its most significant advantage is the ability to modify the shelving space according to your needs.

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