TOP 5 BESTSELLERS – Best Wire Shelving Units

 Introduction: How I Chose Five Best Wire Shelving Units

Before I listed best wire shelving units in top 5 my favorite products I had already bought six wire shelving units at home.  One more I purchased while working on this blog post. That means, I investigated all described features and positive and negative reviews in detail before each purchase.

Finally I selected these five according to the following eight criteria:


I compared each single item to the similar products and chose more capable options. Maybe currently you don’t need to store too big items on them. But trust me, better when you have a rack with bigger vertical storage space. Who knows, some day you may change its location and purpose.


All these top 5 products are super durable under the weight they are promising to hold up according to their descriptions.


I paid much attention to the weight of each selected Shelving Unit. Remember, more heavy-weighted units mean bigger amount of steel used in their fabrication.


This feature is super notable. For example, some shelving units can be inappropriate for Laundry Room, Bathroom or Kitchen for some reasons. But the same racks can be super useful in Garage or Storeroom. You need to pay attention to the description before you buy the item. Description will inform you what kind of rooms or places the unit is suitable for.


Length, width and height are absolutely on your needs and space capacities in the area where you have intended their utilization.


I maximally tried to choose most profitable options. High price doesn’t always mean high quality. So I relied on reviews again.

Very cheap alternatives had plenty of unsatisfied customers. That’s why I preferred medium-price options with big amount of satisfied buyers.


In appearance I mean color and shape. It absolutely depends on your tastes and needs. Also you must pay attention to the room decor in which you are going to utilize the unit. If you are not sure in color, choose the black one. It mostly fits to any place and decoration.

Amount of positive reviews:

All of them have great amount of reviewers and 4+ stars. That means most of the buyers are satisfied with their purchase.

After taking all these eight criteria into consideration, I selected five following Best Wire Shelving Units FOR YOU:

TOP 5:

#5: Ultra Durable/Ultra Zinc 5-Tier NSF Steel Wire Shelving with or without Wheels, 24* 60* 72* by – Seville Classics

Works Anywhere

These medium-duty racks are really perfect for garages. (Description names them as heavy-duty and Ultra Durable shelving units. But I specially called them medium-duty racks because I want to introduce much more durable item below).

These racks are among the best wire shelving units. They’re especially helpful and multi-functional in commercial environments like: bakeries, cafes, restaurants and pastry-shops. They are also suitable for offices, factories and Building Materials Stores.

These professional grade shelves have passed NSF certification. Shelves are extra large: 24”x60”. Each shelf can hold up to 600 lbs (about 272 kilograms) when the racks are in systems of leveling feet. When the rack is on wheels it holds 100 lbs (45 kilograms) per shelf.

Super Sturdy Construction

Shelves are made of industrial triple truss solid steel wire. Because of this feature these ultra durable racks provide superior strength with less flex than other competitors.

I did a side-by-side comparison between this unit by Seville Classics and other similar one with the same dimensions and capacities in description. The biggest noticeable difference was that the Seville rack was slightly heavier built – about 15 pounds – due to the heavier wire diameter used.

Mobile and Stable

The package includes both: leveling feet and four wheels (two of them are lockable). These 4”-diameter wheels will make the rack more mobile and allow you to move and position the shelving unit with ease. You can load it up with a plethora of storage boxes and then the whole collection will be easily movable for cleaning and reorganizing.

#4 Multi-functional and capacious DIY Wire Grid Storage Cubes by – KOUSI

These wire grid modular metal cubbies are bestsellers of 2018. They’re among the best wire shelving units according to reviews. They can be used as origami shelving units like: book shelves, book cases, office closets, and wardrobe or storage organizers.

These are very useful in attics, store rooms, kitchens, living rooms, sitting rooms, bathrooms, studies, laundry rooms and even in bedrooms. They can be especially great for dorms or children’s rooms as well.

Each wire grid cube in this seller’s stock holds up to 44 lbs (19-20 kilograms). While there are some other similar cubes that support only 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms) per cube but cost almost the same.

You have a multiple choice between the packs of 8, 12, 16, 20 or 25 cubes. You should select the amount of cubes in the pack according to your needs and tastes.

Then you can call the fantasy and assemble it in any shape you like. These interlocking cubbies give you several stacking options.

Also pay attention to free space in the room where you have planned its utilization.

The size of each cube is about 14*14*14. So if you’re going to place 2 cubes side by side on the width you will need 28 inches (about 72 centimeters) length. Height also depends on the amount of ‘cube-floors’: plus 14 inches per floor.



#3 Expandable Closet Organizer System by – Seville Classic

These expandable wire closets are extremely suitable for bedrooms, wardrobe rooms and children rooms.

I’ve utilized one in my bedroom and its ultra modern design really impressed my friends. But in addition to the awesome look, its capacities and convenience are biggest benefits. All these features make the wire shelving unit predominant among other similar units.

Their two towers are connected by two telescoping extendable hanging rods. As a result, you can adjust the rods (and consequently distance between its towers) at 1” increments. Total width is expandable from 58” to 83” (from 1.47 meters to 2.1 meters). Each hanging rod holds up to 50 lbs (about 22 kilograms) when it is extended, but 125 lbs (about 56 kilograms) when not extended.

Each 14”x14” shelf is fitted with a plastic liner which prevents small items from falling through. Holding capacity reaches up to 100 lbs (45 centimeters) per shelf.

Top shelves of this shelving unit are larger (14” x 28”) than other shelves. So they provide additional space for storing less heavy items like purses, decorative pillows, hats and etc.

The adjustable height shelves give you the opportunity to create storage space that better suits your needs and requirements. All four normal size shelves included in each tower are adjustable at 1-inch increments.


#2   5-Tier Basket Stand – Full-Metal Rolling Storage Cart with Lockable Wheels by – LANGRIA

I purchased this basket cart last month to replace the previous one which was without elevated sides. Frankly speaking, it exceeded my expectations. First of all, it arrived on time and was well-packaged.

This portable sturdy basket rack with five deep baskets is really multi-functional. This trolley cart is perfect for storing groceries, spices, kitchen supplies, office documents, bathroom utilities and other light-weight items. It holds up to 66 lbs (30 kg).

The baskets have borders of 2.36 inches (6 centimeters) height and they create a very valuable depth. These high borders prevent items from falling while moving the cart.

The trolley cart will allow you to keep your kitchen counters or working desks neat and tidy.

Design/Functional Advantages:

I highly appreciate its mesh design, which stimulates air flow and keep fruit and veggies fresh longer.

This cart has 4 wheels, and two of them can be locked when needed. Two handles on its top help you grab and move the trolley around effortlessly.

It is made of high quality material and holds a lot of items. Its 5 hanging side-hooks also provide additional possibility to place (hang) even more items on it. I prefer hang cooking utensils on them. I currently use this cart in my kitchen and it fits perfectly.

These carts are rust and water resistant. That means you can utilize them in bathrooms and laundries as well.

It’s well-crafted and really sturdy, also very easy to assemble. This is one of the best wire shelving units and my favorite purchases ever.

#1 Five-tier metal Heavy-Duty best wire shelving units by TRINITY – Excellent Storage Racks for Garage

You can use these really heavy-duty racks as very capable storage organizers. More frequently they are utilized in garages because of their super sturdiness and biggest storage capacities. I also placed two of these units in my garage and they turned out really helpful.

The product is food-safe and NSF certified. NSF has very stringent requirements and tests products to higher standards. As this shelving rack meets all those requirements you can utilize it not only in garage but also in home, office or restaurant environments.

Another benefit is its corrosion resistance in dry environments due to ultra-zinc plating of the rack.

Chrome color finish gives it a very solid look. So that it will perfectly fit even the ultra modern design kitchens, buffets, cafes, restaurants and bakeries.

Heavy-Duty / Ultra-Durable rack :

But its biggest advantage is neither corrosion resistance nor its modern design. I named this rack as a number-one among the Best Wire Shelving Units because of its greatest durability. Each shelf can hold up to 800 lbs (about 360 kilograms) when the racks are in systems of leveling feet. Could you imagine 800 lbs on one shelf? I could not!

This super durable large shelving unit is perfect to hold larger and heavier items. Shelves are adjustable in 1” increments. It means that you can easily adjust the storage space to store items of any weight, size or shape.

Finally, this 5-tire heavy duty metal shelving unit by TRINITY creates 60 cubic feet of such necessary new storage space.

I hope my post will be really helpful and you find desirable rack among the Best Wire Shelving Units.

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