Wire Shelving Assembly in the shortest possible time

Introduction – What Buyers Say about Wire Rack Assembly Process in their Reviews:

Most of the buyers state in their reviews that these wire shelving racks are extremely easy to assemble.  It takes only 15-20 minutes as long as they follow directions correctly and put the shelves on. The instruction will give you all the information that you need for Wire Shelving assembly in the shortest possible time.

The main advantage of these shelving racks is that you can put these custom-height shelves together without any tools. The unit does not include any screws which are hard to implement, and so easy to lose. The small parts have notes indicating which side is top and it makes the assembly process even more easy-peasy.

You’d better not to assemble the rack on an abrasive surface in order to avoid scratching the finish. Also check and make sure that all components are undamaged before starting a wire shelving assembly process.


Step by Step Directions for Wire Shelving Assembly:


STEP 1: Post – Assembly

Start post assembly from the bottom sections that have levelers. You need to screw all post sections together for all four posts. In the end, finish them with the top ones that have pole connectors and caps.

STEP 2: Bottom Shelf Placement

Locate the four plastic tapered lock/sleeves sets (with arrows up) on the desired height of the bottom shelf. It should be on 6 inches or less from the floor. You only need to clip the two-part black plastic sleeves together around the posts at the desired height. The sleeves can be placed higher or lower in 1-inch increments for ultimate customization.

STEP 3: Shelf Installation/Fixation

With all four sleeves in place on each post you need to lower the shelf down into the place. So slide the bottom shelf down from the top of the poles until tapered locks. After that, you should push down on each corner of the shelf to make sure that it is fully locked.

STEP 4: Installing the Remaining Shelves 

After ensuring that the shelf is safely positioned, locate four more tapered locks on the desired height. Then put the next lowest shelf on them the same way again. Continue repeating the same action until you position the top shelf of your rack.

Don’t forget to push down on each shelf corner in order to ensure the shelves are in a fully locked condition!

Some shelving units have the rivet-lock design which also allows for straightforward and bolt-free assembly. The rivets on the shelves fit into the slots on the posts. You only need to insert and lower them to lock into place securely.

Check and make sure that all components are in their proper position and undamaged before starting to  store items on the shelves. Also, make sure that all connectors are tight.


P.S. ‘Wire Shelving Rack Assembly’ -Video Instruction:

If you still have some difficulties in understanding or following the guideline during wire shelving assembly process, don’t worry about that. You can  search – ‘Wire Shelving Rack Assembly’ in the Google, and you will find a lot of helpful videos. They exactly and step by step show how to put these shelving together.

The video may be for a different brand, but it doesn’t matter as the assembly process is the same.

Most reviewers agree that after watching the video instruction, it takes less than 20 minutes to assemble.

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