Wire Shelving Review – Don’t buy until you read it

Do you need the best space-organizational shelving ideas for your kitchen, living or sitting room, bedroom, study, laundry, storeroom, garden, garage, backyard, dorm or even for office? Here they are my favorite – WIRE SHELVING UNITS!

They are so spacious, comfortable and affordable that I love all four of them in my house and two more – in my garage.

Before I bought the first one, my house looked messy even when it was just cleaned. I knew that furniture cost much more expensive and would be less practical. So I started to look for other alternatives.

After checking out the specs and then the reviews, I thought “what the heck.” Once I came across to these shelving units I was impressed. Then I carefully checked and compared all features and characteristics of each of them, and finally, I concluded that this kind of shelving system has several very important advantages compared to other units of similar purpose:


Quality was the first thing that I carefully checked and examined immediately after the very first purchase delivered to my house.  I was a bit skeptical that the shelves would be as strong as described.

My first 4-shelf shelving unit was relatively thin. According to the description, each wire shelf could hold up to 55 pounds (24-25 kilograms), and total max load weight could be 220 pounds (about 100 kilograms). It is not much! I found out about other options with bigger capacities a bit later when I came across and bought the rest of my shelving units. But before that, I just wanted to check whether the description was telling me the truth or not:


I placed five little, and three medium size flower pots on one of the shelves and they weigh about 18 kilograms in total. But you know, they get very heavy when wet. Sometimes they may weigh even more than 25 kilograms.

On another shelf, I placed my Juice Extractor (up to 8 kg) and a bread baking machine (a bit more than 8 kg) together.

The third shelf was occupied by Microwave Oven (about 12 kg).

And the last one on the bottom was full of canned foods. All 16 jars together weighed a bit more than 22 kg.


But even after all these attempts to make my shelving unit give up, the construction did not give me any sign that it had difficulty or strain for holding the maximum weight. Handling all heavy items with ease – none of the shelves were bent, sagged or swayed. And don’t forget that it was the cheapest and thinnest shelving unit.

To choose the highest quality product, it is not mandatory that it cost expensive. You should pay more attention to its weight (and not its weight holding capacity). When I compared the product weight specifications, I noticed that some 5-shelf racks with size: 36x18x72 weighed 36 pounds while comparable racks with the same dimensions and description weigh 60-68 pounds. That’s because of a big difference in the amount of steel used in fabrication. Accordingly, the light-weighted items are LIGHT DUTY racks, and heavier ones must be HEAVY DUTY racks.

My next purchases where much more capacious and sturdy. Each wire shelf of two of them (which I’ve placed in my garage) can hold up to 350 pounds (about 158 kilograms), and total max load weight reaches up to 1750 pounds (793 kilograms). Can you imagine this?

I had tested all of them the same way before I started to utilize them. I placed max weight on each of their shelves, and as expected they endured the load easily.

Now, these steel shelving constructions hold all the big appliances and tool boxes that I keep in the garage, and since I started utilizing them, my garage looks not messier than a very well cleaned living room.

Regarding precautionary, I want to advise you to place the heaviest items on the bottom shelf and more light-weighted things on upper ones. In this case, you’ll reduce the risk of its damage to zero.


A huge amount of buyers state in their reviews that these shelves are very well built and super strong. They are also extremely easy to assemble as long as you follow directions and put the shelves on correctly.

I agree them. If you usually understand the guidelines easily, OK, follow them! The instruction will give you all the information you need.

The small parts are noted which side is top. And the unit does not include any screws which are hard to implement and so easy to lose.

BUT!!! Let me add something from my experience: the attached instructions seemed a bit useless to me. I wasted my time trying to read and follow. I’ve seen a lot of reviews as well complaining about how difficult it was to put the shelving together. ‘I’m not alone.’ So I decided to Google – ‘Wire Shelving Rack Assembly’ and I found a very helpful video which exactly and step by step shows how to put these together. The video is for a different brand, but the assembly process is the same. After watching the video, it took only 20 minutes to assemble.


The price is extremely low for the quality and capacity you get. Any wooden cupboard or bookcase with the same sizes and storage space will cost 2-3 times more expensive.

So, Regarding value, these shelving units provide an enormous amount of space and sturdy shelves for a bargain price.


For these shelving units, you can create custom-height shelves without any tools. It does not include screws which are hard to implement and easy to lose.  You need to clip the two-part black plastic sleeves together around the posts at the desired height.

With all four sleeves in place on each post, you need to lower the shelf down into position. The sleeves can be placed higher or lower in 1-inch increments for ultimate customization.

When I started the construction process, I found out that the little clips that held the shelves in place were a bit funky. Nobody told me about it before I purchased. I looked inside and saw a tiny small ridge. When I put the clips on the support poles, I positioned them just above the groove where I wanted them. Then I slid them down and heard a click when they hit the gutter.

You can leave them just above, and when you put the shelf on you can push the shelf down, and it will keep going down until the clips hit the groove. But I found the first way gave me better results.

Some shelving units have a rivet-lock design which also allows for straightforward and bolt-free assembly. The rivets on the shelves fit into the slots on the posts. You need to insert and lower them to lock into place securely.

Regarding versatility, this rivet-lock design is the best choice. Height is adjustable without any negative surprises and makes it easy to create custom storage space that can be modified as needed over time.


Wire shelving units differ according to several features like the number of shelves, height, length, and width, holding capacity per shelf, shape, and color.

Amount of Shelves:

According to the first feature, it can buy two, three, four, five or six-shelf unit. It depends on your needs and desire. For example two or three-shelf low shelving unit can be very helpful in your hall to hold and organize shoes and slippers. But it would be useless and space-wasting in the kitchen.

Height, length, and Width:

Sizes depend on the place where you’ve planned to utilize the rack. You should in advance measure if the free space is enough to fit the selected unit.

Holding Capacity per Shelf:

The capacities are always different. It starts from 55 pounds (about 25 kilograms) and reaches up to 800 pounds (363 kg) per shelf. The price also differs according to the thickness and endurance, so you need to determine the purpose in advance. And if you are planning to use the unit for bulky items, you’d better select a Tested-HEAVY DUTY version. Usually, they are thicker and have a lifetime warranty.


Frankly speaking there is not a wide variety of the shelving units according to shapes and designs. Most of them have a simple book-shelf style with the square or rectangular shape of shelves.

You can also find some corner units with rounded or diamond-bottom shape front side. The latter can offer significant comfort and versatility as it occupies unbelievably little space in the corner.

This kind of corner racks can be used as a standalone unit by itself, and also they are versatile enough to be used as a central piece that will connect two wire shelving units instead of wasting this corner space.

Wire storage DIY cubes represent another excellent alternative for holding less bulky items. They are ideal for organizing kid’s toys, craft supplies, linen, clothes, shoes, and other items.

These cubes are less capable. They have 10-pound weight capacity per cube. But they are cheaper too. If you do not need to store bulky items on the shelves, then these wire cubes seem much more favorable. They will provide the same space for half price than wire shelving unit with similar depth and storage space costs.


Three colors are usually available: white, chrome (or silver) and black. Rarely, you may come across to other colors as well. The choice is depended on your taste or the room design in which you have planned to utilize the unit.

Sometimes the price is changed for different color and by my observation black and white seem to be a bit cheaper than chrome color.


The wire shelving units are cleaned with ease in comparison with other alternatives made from the wooden or plastic material.

Some of them are also distinguished as corrosion resistant. You must necessarily check in the description of your favorite product before you purchase whether it has this feature or not. Especially, if you are going to utilize it in damp or less ventilated rooms like a bath, laundry room, store room, pantry, kitchen, garage or basement.


There are so many items at home that we cannot keep in our cupboards or closets because of their frequent usage. On the other hand, they create a mess when they are displayed on tables and countertops.

When you need some additional storage space at home or outside, these shelving units are extremely practical. You can utilize them almost everywhere, and they will create a valuable vertical space – to hold storage boxes, baskets, appliances, dishes, pantry items, books, bottles, cans, tools, and accessories – without occupying much room. They look good enough and fit most decors.

After the very first one, which I purchased for my kitchen three years ago, I ordered five more and placed one of them in my living room, one in the laundry, one in my study, and two in the garage.

They are different in measures, design and holding capacities, but all six of my shelving units are super comfortable and spacious, and they do their work perfectly during all this time.

The shelving unit is ideal for office as well. It offers a premium solution for everyday storage like files, folders or some extra supplies at work.

They are stable and can easily hold at least the weight that the description claims.

Wire Shelving in the Kitchen:

Nothing makes a kitchen look messier than lots of bulk items on the countertop, no matter how nice the appliances are.

If your kitchen does not have enough cabinet space to house them all, or if you are already fed up with going out to the garage all the time to get your crock-pot or a Kitchen Aid Mixer or anything else, and if you are looking for a contemporary and cheap option, Wire Shelving can be the best solution on which you can just put all your appliances and call it a day.

Standing in my kitchen, this shelving unit creates vertical space which I am using to hold anything from Microwave Oven and other heavy appliances to canned foods.

They are sturdy enough and have a lot of room for storage. So that they can easily hold your coffee maker or espresso machine, coffee grinder, bread baking machine, any size cookware, and bake ware sets, blender, chopper, toaster, sandwich maker, juice extractor or any other counter top devices separately or all together.

Wire shelving in the Living / Sitting room:

Almost all of the book-loving people (including me) want to place their books in some visible place, like bookshelves or special book-cases. Here we usually face two main problems:

As you know, wooden alternatives are much more expensive.
Ordinary decorative shelves and sometimes even bookcase shelves cannot withstand the weight of thick books and start sagging.
In such cases, wire shelving units would be a good replacement. They are sturdy enough when properly assembled and anchored.

Placed in the living room, it attractively displays my book collections. I chose black color for this location because of the modern style of the room and several accessories of the same color. So it fits the room perfectly.

Instead of books, some of the buyers purchase these to place their liquor or whiskey or wine collections on them. The shelves do not occupy much space and can hold so much weight! Like books, bottles full of liquid are very very heavy as well.

On these multi functional shelves, you can also place your movie DVDs and video games, magazines, board games, and some beautiful gifts too: ceramic vases or any other items including photo frames and photo albums.

In this case, you will be able to free up pretty big space in your drawers and closets or wardrobes or any other furniture that is crowded because you are using them to store all these belongings.

Wire Shelving in the Laundry

I did not have a special room for laundry until last year when I remodeled the house. Since then it became the most functional and workable room for me.

In addition to essential sun rays, the laundry room required to have counter space to sort and fold clothes. But most important for it is an adequate space for all laundry products and equipment. Immediately I thought about wire shelving again.

This works great for organizing laundry. This sturdy construction gives me the ability to easily fit a total of 8 very full laundry baskets on its shelves. They keep all my family’s clothes organized and make cleaning them a breeze. Now I Cannot imagine life without it.

Wire Shelving in the Study

I’ve selected the black color again for my study, and its modern design looks great among its white walls and partially black furniture of the room.

The three-shelf shelving unit in my study holds all my son’s school textbooks, notebooks and printer. It is sturdy and can hold the weight with no problem. I placed our printer on the top shelf, and it looks very good there.

The only problem was to place little things like paper clips and tacks. At first, I put them in little boxes but then I remembered about those ‘Sterling Shelf Liners’ that was suggested in ‘Frequently Bought Together’ section.

Sterling Shelf Liners

These sterling shelf liners are very thick layers, and they instantly gave my wire shelf all the benefits of a flat surface. These liners are waterproof and easily wipe-able. They have been custom tailored to fit perfectly around the wire shelf poles.

They do function as liners for the wire shelves and do prevent small items from falling through.

These liners usually fit perfectly, look great and feel very solid. But even if they turn out to be a bit bigger (some buyers talk about this problem in their reviews), they can easily be cut.

The pack includes four liners, and the material is strong enough to use them with books and appliances as well. Appliances like a stand mixer, microwave, toaster, and air fryer especially need these liners under them because of their little feet falling through and making the items unstable.

Finally, I ordered four packs and placed them on those shelves in my kitchen, study, and garage which I utilize for holding little items and appliances.

Now I can add small items that would not otherwise sit straight on the bare wire.

Wire Shelving in the Garage or Basement

Most people who do not have storerooms at home have to store all non-daily items in their garages or basements. I do the same, and I should note that all these rarely used things make a chaotic mess there. That’s why I needed something to break off this disorder.

Without hesitation, I purchased two identical five-shelf shelving units to help organize my garage. It was visually disturbing before because of all those scattered tools, tool boxes and appliance stored in it.

Placed in the garage or basement, the wire shelving unit provides loads of useful storage space and can help you organize any items from cans of paint or canned goods to holiday decorations or seasonal household items.

Since the moment we put the shelving units together, they do work perfectly for my needs. I have stored almost every single item on these shelves, and my garage looks less cluttered. I loved the final product!!!
Wire Shelving on Wheels:

None of my shelving units are on the wheels, because I never need to change their positions. But for someone who wants to roll the unit to avoid carrying extremely heavy items from it, wheels would be especially helpful.

Wire shelving units on Wheels are very versatile and actively used in restaurant kitchens, bakeries, cafes, and fast food objects.

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